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Heart of Iran

City of Yazd,

The journey through the heart of Iran started in Tehran and headed south for over 1,000 kilometres through the Iranian desert, leading through Qom, the religious centre of learning, and the desert towns of Kashan, Abyameh and Meybod. It included the traditional zoroastrian town of Yazd, the beautiful islamic architecture of Isfahan and concluded at […]


Persepolis, Iran, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Ancient terraced palace of pillars and winged-bulls Persepolis is from the ancient Greek for “Persian City”, but Parsa, as it was known to the Persians at the time of the Achaemenid Empire, was in fact not a city at all, but a ceremonial palace. Rather oddly placed in the Fars desert, but within a stone’s […]


Isfahan, Iran, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Imam Square and UNESCO World Heritage Persian Isfahan is a lodestar of Victorian Orientalism – the exotic east, old, charming and exquisite. It is resplendent in blue and turquoise mosaic, rich blonde stonework and a skyline of domes, towers and minarets. Imam Square is its focal point: baking hot during the day, at dusk buzzing, […]


Tehran, Iran, Travel Photography, Vin Images

A city of contrasts To step into Tehran is to travel into another world. A city where women seem to either be dressed in black chadors, or glamorous head scarves pushed back on the top of towering hair pieces and bandaged-wrapped noses. This is a city where the mullahs are ostentatiously the elite class, as […]