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Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Discovery of the land of smoke and fire Tierra del Fuego puts the “full stop” to the American continent and our discovery of Patagonia. It is overwhelmingly promoted as the end of the world. The name itself has some lovely stories attached to it, none of them likely to be true. The best comes from […]

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine, Chile, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Torres del Paine (the “blue towers” in the Patagonian language of Tehuelche) is a granite massif of three towers surrounded by a compact group of mountains, peaks, crags and narrow valleys that are approached from the Patagonian steppe. In Victorian times, the three towers were known as “Cleopatra’s Needles” – and they are the drawcard […]

Patagonia Steppe

Patagonia Steppe, Chile, Travel Photography

The “Patagonia Steppe” refers to the middle length of Patagonia – where moors, grasslands and more prominent peaks replace Patagonia Verde. Broadly speaking, the steppe is centred around the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia and ends with the Carretera Austral at O’Higgins. After the township of O’Higgins, ice fields, lakes and fjords make further progress […]

Patagonia Verde

Patagonia Verde, Chile, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Patagonia Verde is the northern part of Chilean Patagonia and is significantly different to the better known – and busier – southern Patagonia. The Carretera Austral (Ruta 7) is the principal road through the region and is part of the inter-continental pan American highway. Patagonia Verde starts with a ferry journey from Puerto Montt and […]


Huerquehue, Chile, Travel Photography, Vin Images

After what seemed like lunch in Bavaria at the tourist entrepôt of Pucon, we headed up into the beautiful Lake District at Parque Nacional Huerquehue. Patrick White often wrote about the araucaria (or monkey puzzle) tree as a garden feature of his own childhood in Centennial Park, Sydney; and we had our own memories of […]

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile, Chile, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Demonstrations in Santiago – the current state At the centre of Santiago is Moneda Palace. The office of the president of the republic, it is monolithic in its grandeur with simple façade and neo-classical scale. The palace was shelled by General Pinochet’s forces at the time of the coup d’etat against Salvador Allende, who had […]