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Iguazú, Argentina, Brazil, Travel Photography, Vin Images

The geography of Iguazú Falls The Iguazú Falls are a spectacular natural phenomenon on the frontier between Argentina and Brazil. The falls are by no means the highest in the world, nor is the curtain of the Devil’s Throat the widest, but the force, intensity and extraordinary beauty of Iguazú makes it a top attraction […]

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Why is Buenos Aires so much like Paris? Walking through the antique cobbled streets of San Telmo, the boulevards of Palermo and the cemetery of Recoleta, the immediate impression of Buenos Aires is “this is Paris!”. A fellow traveller at our guesthouse had the best response to the belle epoque chateaux and art nouveau shopping […]

Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Travel Photography, Vin Images

Discovery of the land of smoke and fire Tierra del Fuego puts the “full stop” to the American continent and our discovery of Patagonia. It is overwhelmingly promoted as the end of the world. The name itself has some lovely stories attached to it, none of them likely to be true. The best comes from […]

Patagonia Argentina

Patagonia Argentina, Argentina, Travel Photography, Vin Images

The journey into Patagonia Argentina commenced – surprisingly – with a long desert drive on Ruta 40. Driving through infertile and featureless desert on the other side of Chile’s very wet and ecologically-rich mountains, is a rather ruthless reminder of how incredibly fragile Patagonia is. The arid journey south on Ruta 40 was a necessary […]